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  Saturday, April 25, 2015

     Beginning October 1, 2014, PRTC is moving to a new billing system. Your statement for Backroads Internet services will have a new look. The services that you have and the billing rate will not change. You should receive your bill in the mail around the 5th of each month. You will have 30 days to pay the bill before it is delinquent.

     One significant change is you will no longer be able to pay your bill at You may go to and click the Pay Bill button to make an online payment. The first time that you pay online at , you will need to contact our business office at 682-3131, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM 5:00PM, and Saturday, 10:00AM 5:00PM, to register for online bill pay.

     You will receive your new bill around October 5th, 2014. If you have any questions, please call 864-683-3798 Monday through Friday, 8:00AM 5:00PM.

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Massive damage reported in parts of Nepal
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Famed Time magazine movie critic dies
Native American actors reportedly walk off Sandler set
'Avengers' stars apologize after 'sexist' joke
'Fifty Shades of Grey' sequel to hit theaters in 2017
Draft 'Breakfast Club' script found in high school
'Fast and Furious 8' gets 2017 release date
Bullock named People's most beautiful woman

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