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  Monday, September 01, 2014
Online Today:  PRTC now has ESPN3

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The State
Fire damages St. Andrews home Saturday night
RCSD: Man shot Saturday night at home off Bluff Road
College Notes, week of Aug. 31-Sept. 6
Benedict, SC State fans celebrate football, deep roots (+ video, photos and snapshots)
Coastal Carolina campus warned about snakes, alligators
Myrtle Beach police unveil mobile tower to help watch over crowds
3 fires burned Friday night in St. Andrews, 2 suspicious
Faith events in and around Columbia, Aug. 30 and beyond
No new trial for Pinson, federal judge rules
Richland 1 hires search firm in hunt for new superintendent

Gronkowski says he's cleared for Week 1
Astros fire manager Porter, shake up staff
Texas QB Ash (concussion) ruled out vs. BYU
Coughlin: Beckham 'couple, 3 weeks away'
Stewart's return to track marred by collision
U.S. overcomes halftime deficit to top Turkey
Touch 'em all: Minor leaguer plays all 9 spots
Baylor unveils RG III statue at new stadium
Kahne holds off Kenseth to claim Atlanta win
Chiefs QB Smith signs extension

Lesotho PM flees army coup
Rep. slams Obama for tan suit
Man steals car with WHAT inside
'Coolest Cooler' breaks record
Homicide ruled in NYPD custody case
Yes ... the 'Sex Box' is real
Study: Junk food 'addicts' are real
Uzi instructor's family sympathizes
Widower's stolen photos returned
A new episode of 'Friends'?

CNN ShowBiz
20 surprise celeb marriages
Ray J takes plea deal
'Friends' reunite on 'Kimmel'
Producer mistakenly arrested for robbery
Summer box office winners and losers
'Downton Abbey' on error
Jennifer Aniston's 'Life of Crime'
'Star Wars VII' filming again after injury
Producer mistakenly arrested for robbery
Don't miss this new episode of 'Friends'

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